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Friday, April 5, 2013

Memories of Abuelita Margarita

My Welita (what I called her) was a beautiful woman. She was giving to each and every one of her children and grandchildren. She was also a character. I had the misfortune of only knowing her for maybe 4 years of my life (of what I can remember from my sometimes absent childhood). It may have been less time. I know I was born in Los Angeles (East LA), but we moved to New Hampshire for a short time, then we moved back. However, she made an impact on my life. I remember her dancing to cumbias. I remember the cousins throwing each other in her cactus, the same cactus she made nopales from. There were little white flowers that grew around her house. To this day, they are my favorite flower as they remind me of her. I remember her house always smelled of boiling beans and Folgers coffee. I remember, when I would stay over her house, I would sleep between her and Mickey. When we would wake up, she would cook her regular breakfast of oatmeal (she called it Avena). She would always save the oatmeal that stuck to her little silver pot and hand me a spoon to scrape it off so I could eat it. She also would make me a piece of toast, like her, to eat with it. To this day, when I have oatmeal, I always have to have buttered toast. I remember the coin purse that always came out of her apron when the ice cream man or Helms Bakery would ring by. I remember her rolled down socks or nylons on her ankles. I remember her floral aprons, always with many safety pins hanging from it in a row. I remember her long salt and pepper braid, before she cut her hair short. She would stand in front of a mirror and her little hands would quickly braid up her hair. Then she would wrap it around her head and use bobbie pins to hold it. Most of all, I remember the sting of her belt she wore around her waist. We all knew we were bad when she would call out our names and then start speaking in Spanish. The belt would come off and we would run in every direction. I only remember once or twice that belt got me -- because we were in a dangerous ravine she told us to stay out of. I remember her holding me – I’d lay my head on her shoulders, and she had what I called “wings” under her arms that I used to just squish and hold in my little hands – that was how I would go to sleep when she held me. This was a woman who had 13 children, two of which she lost when they were babies or small. Then she had a bazillion grandkids, who she showed love to each and every one. There was always something to eat at her house. And, everyone gathered there. She taught her children about God and they attended the Catholic Church. I remember going to Trinity. She left us way too early, however, I live in the hope of seeing her again and having a reunion in heaven with her.

As Written & Painted By Her Granddaughter – Cynthia “Cindy” Koch (Tiny’s Daughter)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Healing Hearts

When I painted this piece, I had my Mother in mind
as she had just been admitted into the hospital because her heart was fluttering from intense pain she was experiencing due to her stomach. The thought of my Mom being sick is very disturbing to me, as I am sure to anyone else who's mother may experience health issues. I decided to paint my Mom a piece to not only make her feel better, but to also bring me comfort in my anxiousness of the unknown prognosis plaguing my Mom. She is 70 years young and I'd like to see her live many years to come. However, the reality is her little body isn't what it was.
My Mom's favorite place is in her garden. She loves to watch her seeds grow and is elated when those seeds become blossoms or edible delights. She is fascinated by the blessings God has provided us. In her gardens are numerous bird feeders. They can be ones of beauty and also ones of unique artistic creativity. She has been known to take a trash can lid and flip it upside down and nail it to a post. She fills all these feeders with bird seed. She doesn't purchase those little bags from the grocery store -- no she gets those commercial sized bags and keeps her birds well fed. She also sets up bird baths. She will place some of these feeders and baths in front of her window so she can enjoy the little birds as they come and go. Some of her little winged friends are regulars.
Because her favorite place is her garden and I feel that because it brings her relaxation to look at the flowers and birds, they heal her heart. It's the place where she is closest to God and is able to just enjoy her time with Him as she watches His little creations. Because she is in the hospital, I wanted to bring her garden to her with the birds bringing her "Healing Hearts" as a thank you for taking care of their needs. The sparrows that God takes care of along with my Mother, now bring her the care she needs right at this moment.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wine Revisited

Sometimes when an original piece sits around the house long enough (for me a year and a half), it may get modified by the artist. I was inspired to change "Wine" -- a piece I had created over a year ago. It has hung in my hallway all this time. Then today, for some reason I decided it needed flowers, the sun and a bird.
As I was painting it, I thought to myself how much I love wine and vineyards -- and the city of Temecula on Rancho California Road. I recently joined the Wilson Creek Winery Family by wine club membership. I was formerly a member of Ponte Winery wine club. Both these wineries have exquisite wine and restaurants. I have some very fond memories from these places.
My original depiction of my love for wine, lacked happiness. When I looked at it, it was just okay. But today, as I was painting, I was feeling so much joy and happiness by adding the flowers, sun and birds. I'm quite pleased with the modified version as it depicts what I feel when consuming the nectar of the vines and more of my artistic "style". Cheers!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Off The Palette Of An Artist

As an artist, I spend alot of money on art supplies. One of my pet peeves is when I am done painting, I have left over acrylic paint that dries with the days I don't paint. I've been saving these dried treasures for quite awhile now. I knew there was something artistic I could do with them. I created "Off The Palette Of An Artist".

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exploring Different Mediums

My favorite medium to work with for my art is acrylic. Sometimes I add ink in a pen form to my acrylic pieces for emphasis and to draw attention to some of my more hidden elements. But overall, I love the sliding of acrylic on a paint brush. To me, this medium is the easiest to manipulate and flow on to a canvas along with where the brush may take me in my creations.

I have explored many mediums in my artistic creations. I've done paper mache, floral arranging, scrap booking, card making, carving wood, painting wood, watercolors and drawing. I've used different shades of lead pencil in drawing. I have several of those pieces in my poetry scrap book. Most recently, I wanted to explore what I could do with color pencils.

The piece displayed here is named "Abuelita's Curiosity". I sketched out my piece initially using a lead pencil, then I colored it with color pencils.
The drawing depicts my grandmother (Welita), who died in 1967. I remember her in her apron and she always seemed to be doing laundry. I actually took two places I remember her living and combined them into a new and original place in my mind. She lived in a little house next to railroad tracks and then she lived by an airport in a little house with her washer in the back yard. She always had Nopales Cactus in her yard, because she made the most delicious nopalitas.
She often stood at the edge of her yards just looking out aimlessly at things. In this piece, I have her standing on a crate (she was less than 5 foot) to catch a glimpse of a bird she heard through the fence, which sparked her curiosity. I was 7 when she passed away, but her memory forever lives on in my mind and heart.

I framed this piece and it hangs in my dining area of my house as a constant reminder of the beautiful soul she was. I have a hope of one day seeing her again.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Morning Glory

This canvas didn't start with "Morning Glory" in mind. It was actually going to be an abstract with a rooster in the center. When I looked at the piece, it didn't appeal to me at all. So I took the 8" x 8" gallery wrapped canvas over to the sink and started washing my error off the canvas. As I removed the rooster, I noticed how the abstract colored lines I had painted gave an interesting background. So I left some of the original painting to use as background. I painted over it and you can see the artful effect it provided.

I've always loved to visit gardens -- one of my favorite gardens is located on Vancouver Island. I love Roses, especially because of how beautiful they are and because of their fragrance.

My mother grows the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in a yard. She always has an arbor full of morning glories. In the early morning when I drive up to her house, there are always birds feeding off her flowers and seed trays. There are usually one or two humming birds buzzing around. I chose to paint the birds in white and gold because there is nothing more heavenly than those two colors together.

In my art, I use alot of clusters of three. Those three elements when grouped represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I usually, along with listening to music and lost in my creativity, ask for assistance from God in guiding my hand to be used in a vision which will make those viewing feel happy or like what they are seeing. Like myself as a collector, the pieces that I have collected from other artists move me emotionally in one way or another.

Also, in many of my pieces you will see swirls. I don't like alot of open space in my life. I love being around beautiful things and love being around my family and friends. The swirls bring me comfort. I think it is residual stemming type tendency from my childhood autistic world.

And the color in my art. I love color, color and more color. My first born son brought color into my life. I've always been attracted to color and glitz (sparklies), thus my art is colorful -- sometimes I think to the extreme. To me color represents diversity and I have acceptance and tolerance to each unique person, who I feel has purpose in this life for each moment that we have breath. I also have a hope that our purpose continues after this one!!

I have a sense of humor like no other. I love laughter. I love happiness and good times, thus most, if not all of my work is whimsical and bright -- just like "Morning Glory".

What Inspires Me To Paint?

I know like others, when you are someone who networks via the internet, you are going meet individuals and they become consistent tweeters and facebook friends. Although I haven't met these fabulous individuals, they are a part of my life and I look foward to chatting with them on almost a daily basis.

One particular day, I was ill and had stayed home. I was using facebook as a means to not remain idle. I had several ladies from UWIB United Women In Business who kept me company via the Internet for the most part of my morning. By the end of our time together, they made me feel reenergized and creative.

I went into my studio and thought how often, people we know are down or going through a crisis. The bird by the nest depicts one of these individuals and her heart is dark and her head bowed down. Flying toward her are two birds who bring with them love (as depicted by the red hearts in their beaks). I called this piece, "In My Sorrow, You Brought Me Love". This piece is a tribute to all those who go to the rescue of their friends who may for some reason or another may not be themselves and need that extra love to get through it!!

I gifted the original to a friend of mine, who whenever I see her, always exerts positive energy, love and encouragement towards me.